A guaranteed ‘pass’?

‘We offer a guaranteed pass to you if you follow our recommended route through your study,’

Coventry University College, a new venture being set up on the Coventry University Campus launched with this promise.




Two days later this wording had been changed, but the heading was still ‘Pass guarantee’

‘We are confident that if you follow all the courses that we offer as a part of your study and the revision classes that go along with them, that when you enter for the externally assessed professional examinations you will succeed. If you don’t then we offer you the chance to retake the whole package at our expense. We don’t compromise academic standards but we will make sure that you reach your potential.’

By the end of October there were further changes and the warning that

Our website has been recently updated to provide greater clarity on our promises to you, especially in relation to passing a course.’


When the original promise went out the Guardian and BBC and the local press covered the announcement and the Guardian story still has the original text in the comments readers made.


Prospective students could have thought that if they applied for a place at this new college a degree would automatically be theirs.  Further information has been slow to appear on the website.  


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